The NFTits Club

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The NFTits Club, is one of the 1st Social Impact project of 2022 that was created by women to support and empower women globally!

Launching on International Free the Nipple Day, 7,777 pairs of beautiful NFTits will be free'd in support of female empowerment, with 30% of the profits donated to female-focused charities! πŸŽ€

Women-led projects are on fire, getting a lot of attention from long-term holders, and social impact projects are definitely up next! This project combines insane artwork, real social impact, huge support from major feminists and brands and a long-term revenue-generating model.

Tittielist (presale access) and OG Roles (airdrop eligibility) are still available in Discord! Don't sleep on this futuristic NFT model...


- Pre-Sale - March 24th via Tittielist
- Public Sale - 26th March, International Free the Nipple Day πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
- The NFTits Club Collection goes Live βœ…
- 7,777 pairs of really NFTits will be free'd to support female empowerment globally

2️⃣ Charity Donation πŸŽ€
- We will be donating 30% of funds raised as part of the launch to female-focus charities. This is more than any other NFT project EVER!
- The list of charities will be composed and decided on by the community

2️⃣ Donate Royalties From Secondary Sales
- To continue to make an impact globally, royalties from secondary sales will be donated to our list of charities
- The % donated will be proportionate to the % of buyers who are still holding post mint (monthly snapshot)

3️⃣ The NFTits Club Foundation Wallet
- Foundation wallet will be set up, for continued donations from royalties

4️⃣ Introduce Floor Price Incentives πŸš€
- We have several incentives planned to introduce a floor price mechanism to encourage NFTits sales above the floor price, this will benefit holders and the total amount raised for charity

5️⃣ Merch LaunchπŸ‘˜
- Slick & sexy NFTits merch for The NFTits Club Members will be launched ! You can proudly show your support for female focus charities and female empowerment!

6️⃣ Limited Edition Airdrop πŸ”‹
- A limited edition collection has been created specifically as part of our continued reward / support for OG Community Members
- We will be airdropping a limited edition collection to existing NFTits holders that possess the OG Titty Committee Role

7️⃣ Welcome to the TITTIEVERSE πŸŒ€




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