Meta Monks

  • Mint Price: 0.08 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 10000

    • Total Traits: 100


Meta Monks, is about balancing both styles of consciousness. With ingrained utilities, like feel good promotions, development of a metaverse pagoda in sandbox with exclusive access with benefits for holders, positive videos and quotes daily to holders from well known positive influencers and charity giveaways to say the least.

Monk holders can enjoy the digital era, whilst the Monk community of like minded people will help pay it forward in the universe.


Q1 :
● Begin Marketing, Twitter & Discord Community Building
● Launch Website
● Launch RoadMap 1.0
● Promotion of NFT line on NFT Websites
● Integrate Mint Engine on Web 3.0, Smart Contract & Opensea
● Launch Marketing Initiative, with 150 NFTs for promoters and influencers

● Free Airdrops and Giveaway Competitions in Discord
● Launch Mint Engine and Public Sale
● Launch, 333 Initiative;
The 333 Initiative, is a mechanism which will lock in the first 333 holders of the NFT in a private forum, in which they will be consulted on future suppliers of goods and services to be used to achieve the road map. This will be done democratically through polling.
The 333 will also be sent exclusive Meta Monks Merch once 10% of the collection sells.

10% Minted:
○ Purchase of Sandbox Metaverse NFT for Pagoda Development.
○ 10 NFT Giveaways in Discord
○ Launch, +100 Promotion Initiative;
■ The +100 Initiative, will promote up to 50 community members that bring 100 genuine new active community members. They will have access to an exclusive forum where they will be involved in exclusive content, certain decision making aspects and be in a random draw to win €9162.52 worth of ETH, giveaway once 25% of collection sells.
○ NFT marketing with selected influencers and marketplaces to raise floor price and create more tradability.

25% Minted:
○ Development of Pagoda in Sandbox and Metaverse Game Research
○ 10k Giveaway to the +100 Community
○ 20k Giveaway to a Charity chosen by poll from all holders in the community.
○ Development of Discord Administration team and Full time Marketing team for Social Hype
○ Planting of 2500 Trees in country to be chosen by Community
○ Exclusive Merch Giveaway competition in Discord

50% Minted:
○ Development & Deployment of Meta Monks Token and Listing on Exchange.
○ Research and Development of NFT Phase 2.0;
■ NFT Phase 2.0 – Wrapped NFT, will be the development of a set of 500 Ultra Rare Auras, That will have rarity modules and when wrapped with the Original Meta Monks NFT, will increase rarity Value.
○ Metaverse P2E Game Development
○ NFT Giveaways in Discord and Celebrity Promotion Marketing
○ Token Giveaway competitions in Discord
○ 30k USD Charity give away to be decided by the community once 75% sells.
○ NFT promotion challenge for all NFT holding members, with a Prize pot of 10k USD in ETH for the winner.

75% Minted:
○ Release 30k USD to community chosen charity
○ Advanced marketing and promotion of Meta Monks Token
○ Launch of Exhibition of Top holders in the Metaverse Pagoda
○ BETA release for testing by the +100 community of the Meta Monks Game in Pagoda.
○ Token Giveaway competitions in Discord
○ Competition for all community members to win 50 unique Aura Wrapped NFTs.

100% Minted:
○ Public Launch of 450 Mintable Ultra Rare Wrapped Aura NFT’s
○ 7,500 trees planted in destination chosen by community
○ Public Launch of Metaverse Game
○ Future Marketing of Meta Monk NFT’s to push trade volume.
○ Partnership opportunities for next Phase of Roadmap and NFT Developments.




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