Stoner Chicks

  • Mint Price: 0.042 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 8400

    • Total Traits: 250


Stoner Chicks are Beautiful hand drawn pieces of art made by our 420th Street Queen.
Each Stoner Chick is unique with 250 possible Hand drawn traits, headwear, clothing, and more. All Stoner Chicks are unique, but some are rarer than others.

Stoner Chicks get access to all the exclusive 420th Street content and Member benefits, our Member Hotbox, 420th Street lounge with minigames in the Metaverse.
- There are 8400 Stoner Chicks that rule over 420th Street.
- Claim your Avatar in our Metaverse.
- Your Stoner Chick is your passport to 420th Street Member benefits.
- First possibility for WL-spots in Upcoming Collections
- Access to 420th Street Lounge in the LeapN Metaverse. (Construction already in progress)


=======================How HIGH can we get?======================

- 10% HIGH: - Our Queen gets payed for her services

- 20% HIGH: - 420th Street Website launch

- 42% HIGH: - Free "Bong" Airdrop for all holders.

- 60% HIGH:- Launching 🔥 420th Street Merch shop 🔥

- 70% HIGH: - 42 Wallets that HODL will receive a 1/1 Legendary Stoner Queen

- 80% HIGH: - 420 Stoner Chicks that HODL will receive a 420th Street OG member Pass💎

- 100% HIGH: -Launches 420th Street HIGH into the Metaverse!!

=========💎 420th Street OG member pass💎 ==========
- 2 free Mints every new collection (You only pay Gas)
- Use our Opensea Marketplace to sell your own "Stoner" art

✅ Phase 2: Next gen collection.




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