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Displai is the first and only drag & drop, AI-supported algorithm and visualization editor, and Algorithm-as-a-Service (AaaS) marketplace. You don’t have to be a coder to build great applications. You only need to have an idea and suitable data sources. Our intuitive algorithm builder will guide you through the process. Publish your work on our marketplace and earn a constant passive income.


February 2022
The idea is born
After witnessing more and more technical deficiencies and economic inefficiencies in our former corporate jobs, we knew there had to be a better way. Based on a concrete use case, we started developing our own solution.

March 2022
Discovery of the "Secret Sauce"
Research and feasibility studies illustrated a much higher demand than initially expected. Adding AI, which we largely built with the help of this very software (which is now Displai), made us achieve even better results.

May 2022
Seed Money
With the help of family & friends (and own savings), we raised enough seed money to be able to quit our jobs and focus solely on the development of Displai.

July 2022
Since May we're developing the platform full time. Currently, we're in pre-private-beta with bug-fixing and additional AI-training.

September 2022
NFLT & first paying customer
To speed up development, build a community of early adopters, and prepare the company for growth, we applied for a listing with Gamechangers.
Our technology and business model luckily (but not surprisingly) passed their AI-driven litmus test.
As a matter of fact, in an early MVP test drive, our tools improved their AI efficiency by a factor of 17%. We meanwhile fully partnered up with Gamechangers and thus acquired our first paying customer.

September 2022
Kickoff Sales Team
Our sales team started researching and identifying suitable launch partners and big corporate customers. Having our AI-driven algorithms solve real and expensive problems, will pave the way to widespread customer adoption.

November 2022
Depending on the outcome of the NFLT campaign, we may or may not have different options regarding incorporation, the form of organization, additional hires, etc. Research and preparations are ongoing.

January 2023
Private Beta Launch
In January 2023, we will invite all NFLT holders to the private beta. We're looking forward to your valuable input and feedback.

February 2023
Public Beta Launch
Displai will be live and publicly accessible in February 2023.

March 2023
First ROIs for NFLT holders
The wait for NFLT holders is over. You will receive monthly sales reports and every month a smart contract will send your commissions directly to your wallet.

March 2023
We have quite a few additions in the pipeline - from open APIs to dApps, from open-source tools to mobile apps for personal use.




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