Zombz NFT

  • Mint Price: 0.1 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 12345

    • Total Traits: 1000


Zombz NFT is a Non Fungible Token minted on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing Web3 dApps in the form of an Android & Apple P2E Game, Staking for native tokens, NFT gambling & Burns incorporating its own in-game currency Token. Offering monthly prizes of IRL merch, NFTs, Ethereum, and in-game assets.


Q3> 2022 - create the most vibrant & diverse NFT collection. Initiate Web3 utility website including wallet connects for NFT mint contracts + stake + game. Begin Twitter farming + WL giveaways...

Our collection boasts over 1000+ traits! Rarity tiers & a huge range of diversification - 15 layers with over 50 arrangements in each, each one including 200+ variation trees incorporating the street fashion of our degeneration. High fashion Brands. Flea market finds from the retro, and pop culture. The NFT design boasts a full spectrum of colors, matching outfits, skins, fabrics and more combinations than any other collection, aiming to represent all levels, loves, genders, fashions & colors.

Q1 2023 - With two NFTs per wallet on the mint day after selling out we shall have a large-scale community ready to begin the next phase...

As a reward to the community for helping us sell out, we will begin with giveaways of exotic NFTs, IRL merch, Ethereum, community titles, and in-game assets. We shall also open our closed discord channels for holders of the NFT, building a DOA community for updates, feedback, and votes for DOA╬× assets. Using some of the funds from mint sales we shall finalize the coding required for the game, security features, and finishing touches. A month after the mint date we will release the P2E game, staking, and high rollers market exchange ready for the first community tournament.

Q2 2023 > - Monitoring our smart contract & users we build a DAO to empower the voice of the community.

We shall be hosting monthly events, IRL/on-chain giveaways, and Ethereum wins for DOA members competing in the high-rolling tournaments. We also understand the importance of secondary market sales - continued growth over a long-term period is our mission! As well as high-scoring elites, the lower ranking players shall also win rewards, encouraging growth in the ecosystem. This web3 P2E game will be one of the first titles we are looking to release and being part of this community shall present awards moving forward for thriving holders of the NFT community as we move forward with further mobile web3 games development utilizing Moralis SDKs and our coding mages.




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