Ape Abu

  • Mint Price: 0.08 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 2323

    • Total Traits: 0


First-ever Disney-inspired metaverse game, the Abuverse launches its in-game NFT characters on the Public Mint blockchain with a giveaway for early users. We’re super excited to bring to you the rare collections for the 2022 Q4 NFT trend— The ApeAbu NFTs. ApeAbu NFTs are ERC based, the high rarity of collection of 2323 NFTs hero characters of AbuVerse game, Aladdin adventure game. These in-game NFT characters can be used to play as the main characters in the Abuverse game.


Phase 1 : Build the community - Q2 - 2022

Free Mint to grow community
Establish social media presense
Recruit Moderators
Build ApeAbu NFT smart contract
List on Opensea

Phase 2: Build the Utilities - Q3 2022

Build ABUZ token smart contract
Establish yield ratio and launch process.
Presale ABUZ token
Laucnh secondary NFT Traits of AbuVerse game
List ABUZ token on DEXes
ApeAbu NFT holders to claim their ABUZ tokens
List ABUZ token on 1 major CEX

Phase 3: Build the Metaverse - Q4 2022

Build Mobile App wallet for ABUZ token
Build Mobile App social gaming features for ApeAbu NFT
Establish foundation technical works for Oculus VR platfrom




30 people


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