• Mint Price: 0.019 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 550

    • Total Traits: 22


Drop of new 50 Punks! YoutubePunks is a #1 NFT Collection related to Youtubers with max. supply of 550. From 1K to 200M, from Vloggers to Gamers. Get your favourite Youtuber right now!


Q1 2022
-Collaborations with Influencers ✅
-Airdrop of YoutubePunks Plaques for every Punk owner ✅
-30% of the secondary sales will be going to a comunnity wallet that will provide ETH for monthly giveaways! ✅
-Giveaway for Lil Nas X #460 on Twitter ✅
-Collaboration with PornstarPunks NFT Project ✅

Q2 2022
-Free Youtube Premium 1 month subscription giveaway every 2 weeks on Discord!
-Collabs with other projects to get our holders whitelist spots and other opportunities!
-Auction in Poland for 1/1 piece with all 500 Youtubers^^^

Q3 2022
-YoutubePunks merch so we can all show off our favourite Youtubers! Free t-shirst for people that hold + 5 Punks.^^^
-YoutubePunks Comic/Youtube Series featuring (?) Youtuber!
-Collaboration with Brick Family NFT Project

Q4 2022
-Entering the MetaVerse!^^^

100 ETH Traded
-10 Random Youtube Punks Owners will recieve physical versions of their punks.

^^^-more on that in the future!




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