• Mint Price: 1.5 SOL

    • Collection Supply: 2500

    • Total Traits: 5


💎Ardrop💎is building a community in which you will find a good alpha, a feature Wallet Analyse that will track your NFTs history, and many utilities for holders like passive income. We are building services that owners of over collections can use by paying to us. Every SOL gained will be distributed among our holders! Do not forget about Staking of Ardrop and Tokeneconimc!!!!

ANFTAnalyzer :
🤑With our tool, people will have a possibility to:
-See the history of all NFTs that they minted, sold, bought and will be able to see the analytic of their wallet (only holders of Ardrop)
-Owners of the collections can access to "Collection overview" page by paying SOL which will allow to them create their token in only a few steps, enable and set LP


Create social media ✅
* Develop and deploy a website for Ardrop ✅
* Realize the demo of the first tool for ANFTAnalyzer ✅
* Start of the developing of collection overview feature
* Start of the developing radar feature
* Give access to ANFTAnalyzer for holders of Ardrop collection
* Develop staking protocol and realise it on ANFTAnalyzer
* Allow staking of Ardrop collection
* Work on the Roadmap v2




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