Sloth Warriors

  • Mint Price: 0.06 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 3333

    • Total Traits: 70


Sloth Warriors are one of three major clans in the Warriors NFT universe. The Sloth Warrior clan will be released in three battle packs up to a total of 10,000. The first battle pack will consist of 3,333 unique warriors.
Sloth Warriors developed from learning some sloth species are critically endangered. In order to help, this project will donate 20% of mint earnings to animal conservation efforts. These animals are warriors - fighting against extinction!
Sloth Warriors is just one clan in the Warriors NFT Metaverse to be minted! Additional clans will include the Bear Warriors, a clan of space-faring cybernetic polar bears and the Hamster Warriors, a wise and ancient clan of fighters from the east. Early adoptees of Sloth Warrios will get


Phase 1: Build and grow an awesome community
Step 1: Discovering Community
Launch website
Launch Discord and Twitter
Step 2: Community Growth
Spread Sloth Warriors to partners
Upload all generative artworks to the blockchain in preparation for the mint
Prepare marketplaces for the Sloth Warriors collection
Updated Sloth Warriors 2.0 website
Phase 2: Sloth Warrior Initial Battle Pack
Step 1: Sloth Warriors first Battle Pack mint of 3,333 warriors
Step 2: The charity wallet
Step 3: Develop Warriors NFT integration
Phase 3: Sloth Warriors Integration with Warriors NFT!
Drop Bear and Hamster Warriors NFTs (discounts apply for Sloth NFT owners)
Warrior Story Submission program
Program for writers to write a story/lore about their warriors
Best stories win prizes
Giveaways (random community drawings, etc.)
Story integration for future videos and/or video games
Phase 4: Clan Wars
Clan Wars begin - free for Warriors NFT owners (gas fees may apply)
Results recorded forever in the annals of the Warriors NFT War ledger
Clans collectively make decisions that decide the outcome!
Winning clans receive prizes like free ETH, NFTs, and other merchandise!
Phase 4: Additional Battle Pack Drops
Drop next batches of Sloth, Bear, and Hamster Warrior Battle Packs!




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