Yoseo Pawn Shop

  • Total Trading Volume: 3.3

  • Collection Supply: 1000

  • Marketplace Link: https://opensea.io/collection/yoseo-pawn-shop

  • Total Traits: 500

  • Floor Price: 0.10


Yoseo Pawn Shop is an innovative new project of NFTs, based on the needs of holders to invest in new projects and not losing their current NFTs. In our future 21 Pawn Shops we will provide Investments money to any holders of Nfts that want to pawn them with 10 % fee on 30 days. Our goal is to entertain and empower wealth and happiness amongst our community, whilst giving something back to those that love Nfts. First Stage accomplished : Acquisition of pawn Shop land in Infinity Void A2 -1118.

You will receive one of 1,000 unique generated NFTs, each with different attributes, assets and rarities, on the Ethereum Blockchain – ready for you to develop your very own Pawn Shop journey. Gold collection offer: double profit for first holders!


Yoseo Pawn Shop will be the First Pawn Shop in the metaverse and web2.0 with:
– 10x Locations in Decentraland
– 10x Locations in Sandbox
– 1x Location Already bought in Infinity Void – A2 -1118

- 1x web.20




11 people


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